Use of My Music

All my music is licensed under this license:
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

In short, this means that you can use my music for anything as long as you give credit. Commercial and non-commercial projects alike. Credit must include my name LEMMiNO and the title of the song. If possible, provide a link to the song on my SoundCloud or YouTube.

If you want to use my track Infinity in your YouTube video, include this snippet of text in the video description box:

LEMMiNO - Infinity

All I ask is that you give credit. That’s it.

Download & Streaming

All my music is available for both streaming and download on SoundCloud. Click the More button underneath the waveform and a drop-down menu will reveal the download option. You can also stream my music on YouTube.

My music is unfortunately no longer available on services like Spotify or iTunes as I have no interest in monetizing my music. I enjoy it as a hobby but not as a job so all my music is completely free. Services like Spotify both cost and earn you money so they are no longer platforms I can take advantage of.

However, if you really want to listen to my music on Spotify then one alternative would be to first download my music and then sync the local files on your device.