Consumed by the Apocalypse
Jan 18, 2021

At some indeterminate point in the future, humanity must come to an end. It may take centuries. It might take eons. But extinction is unavoidable. In this video, I explore a series of doomsday scenarios to better understand when and how this might happen.

Note regarding 05:16 to 05:34

During this part of the video, a high-pitched noise plays in the background. Beware that some viewers (listeners) have reported that this noise is very loud and tinnitus inducing. The perceived loudness of the sound is highly dependent on your age and the quality of your device.

Correction of 14:12 to 14:28

The text which appears on screen during this part of the video claims that the 1977 Influenza outbreak was "mild and few deaths were reported." This was indeed true at the start of the outbreak but the virus has since killed hundreds of thousands. I make the same mistake with the 2002-2004 SARS outbreaks, confusing an early death toll report (one person) for the total number of deaths (hundreds) before the outbreaks were contained.

Correction of 22:52 to 23:05

The percentage given in the "Not very likely" slice of the "Asia & Pacific" pie chart should be 22%, not 33%. The proportion of the slices are correct but that one string of text got mixed up somehow.

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