Do you sell any merch?

Not at the moment. If you're merely looking for a way to support the channel, I do have a Patreon account where you can do just that.

Why do you release so few videos?

I used to release videos on a weekly basis. Those videos tended to be a lot shorter and a whole lot shittier. I discovered that making longer non-shitty videos was a lot more enjoyable.

What software do you use?

  • OS: Windows 10.

  • Music Production: FL Studio & Komplete 11 Ultimate.

  • Audio Editing: Adobe Audition.

  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects.

  • Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop.

  • 3D Animation: Cinema 4D.

  • Screen Recording: OBS Studio.

What hardware do you use?

  • PC: Custom build. Full spec sheet and album here.

  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103MT.

  • Keyboard: CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i.

  • Mouse: Logitech MX Master.

  • Monitors: 3 x Dell U2715H.

  • Speakers: Edifier R1280DB.

  • Headphones: AIAIAI TMA-2.

  • Camera: Samsung NX1.

Can I use your music?

Most likely yes. Read more about that here.

When will you release new music?

When it's done.

Why is your music not on Spotify?

My music is unfortunately no longer available on services like Spotify or iTunes as I have no interest in monetizing my music. I enjoy it as a hobby but not as a job so all my music is completely free. Services like Spotify both cost and earn you money so they are no longer platforms I can take advantage of.

Read more about how to download and stream my music here.

Who creates the thumbnails for your videos and how is it done?

That would be me. I create the thumbnails for my videos using Photoshop and you can find all of them on my DeviantArt page.

What settings do you use when rendering your videos?

I use the render settings recommended by YouTube.

How can I suggest a topic for a video?

I opened a suggestions thread on the subreddit for this specific purpose.

What is the title of the song with the lyrics “it’s okay if you don’t wanna sing a long” that you used in some of your older videos?

This was a short sample that I produced specifically to be used in the outro of some of my older videos. I think I even titled it “Background Music” or something equally generic. I’m afraid what’s included in the videos is the entire song and it was never released as a stand-alone track. I never finished it because I didn’t like it.

Will you ever make more videos on LEMMiNO TV?