The Unbreakable Kryptos Code
May 4, 2024

An art installation known as Kryptos was inaugurated at CIA headquarters in late 1990. The main attraction was a curved copper screen inscribed with a secret message. Three-quarters of the code have since been broken, but the final segment has resisted all attempts at decipherment. This video chronicles the cracking of the first three segments and examines the many clues that may one day lead someone to decipher the fourth.

Correction of 29:38 to 29:43

The Morse code displayed during this part of the video is missing a dot. The translation FORCES E E E E E is correct but the Morse code ends with only four dots instead of five.

Correction of 45:55 to 47:00

I forgot to include the word CLOCK in the K4 segment featured at the very end of the video.

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